Marrakesh has been on my bucket list for a long time. It’s the kind of place that you just don’t know what to expect from when you get there. I was prepped by close friends that I will be hassled to buy things, I will be stared at and was told not to engage in conversations with the vendors. The simple act of politeness can get you back home with the carpet in hand.

Marrakesh has changed drastically, you will not find or at least I did not find any of the above mentioned to be true. I was amazed how this city can be so ancient yet so modern, so simple yet so complex, so pure yet so sultry and finally simply delicious.  The temptation of exotic smells that make you crave things like: Olives, prunes, dates, pistachios, almonds are constantly in the air. Of course I visited a handful of souks (markets) that are intertwined and you can get simply lost in them for hours. Here I purchased: a handmade bag for my summer outfits, bedazzled babouches or as we call them fancy slippers and of course lots and lots of handmade jewellery.

The easiest way to access Marrakesh, which I strongly recommend to you is via Paris. Sure you can find a few good museums and cafes there on the way to the exotic land.

Tip for the travellers. If you are traveling light or perhaps traveling in colder months and your outfit is just blah because you are all bundled up, remember to have one item that catches everyone’s attention. In my case I was bombard with complements on my funky pom pom shoes. They are sporty, yet they scream I am original and stylish. Another way you can bring pizzazz is with a nice handbag, I chose a vibrant turquoise Hermes to add some color into otherwise simple outfit.