Despite a gruelling 22 hour flight, a trip to stylish New York has always been a highlight of the year. As you know, the never sleeping city used to be my home for almost 20 years. It never fails to impress me the speed at which the city evolves and reinvents itself.

This time I found an amazing deal on Agoda and stayed in my most favourite part of NYC – Gramercy Park. It’s all those quaint streets that lead from Gramercy park itself (a tiny park only accessable to residents) up to the New York University. The neighborhood is reminiscent of a sprawling, well-groomed park with its clean streets and carefully cultivated greenery. On this trip I discovered lots of new cafes and gourmet shops, my favourite breakfast joint that has the best lox on bagels and pastries.

The hassle and bustle of the busy city was needed to restart my engine and creativity. I made an observation that women in New York have become more casual. It’s more common to see leggings paired with sneakers or walking shoes than tight jeans and heels. New York has always been a city designed for walking, so it only makes sense when the fashion follows.

Here are a few useful tips for you to remember:

  1. Match your outfit to the occasion. Walking shoes good for walking and casual dining, change them for the sexy heels during dinner with your loved one.
  2. Walking shoes/sneakers don’t have to be boring. I invested in a pair with fur pom-poms and got tons of compliments.
  3. For fall, keep your face well moisturised and polished but go bold on a lip. My new favourite from YSL 205 in rich plum shade.