Probably the most common dilemma women have is this – “How do I look professional at work without wearing a suit?
Depending on your industry and in some industries it’s a requirement; we can wiggle our way around and still look pretty professional.Even if your position doesn’t require you to see outside clients, you are still making an impression on your boss or your potential future boss. While women may have more options about what to wear in the workplace, they also have more room for misstep. Particularly in the summer or in the hot countries, weather factor is what opens the door to a slew of potential fashion landmines for professional women, including spaghetti-strap tops and gladiator sandals, a hot-ticket item that should be avoided unless the dress code is so laid back that everyone, including your boss is wearing jeans.

  1. Make sure all your clothes fit you well. The shoulders of a dress or blouse sit right where it should be, the ham of the pants is not too short of too long dragging on the floor, and of course the garments are in tip top shape and cleanliness.
  2. You can get away wearing a fitted pant with a lovely silk blouse and sweater wrapped around your shoulders. Make sure the blouse is tucked in so your look is sharp and not sloppy.
  3. Accessories but don’t overdo it. If you wear a colorful chunky necklace, leave your earrings and scarf at home.
  4. Pay attention to the shoes. I think closed shoes look so much more professional and classy. Again depending on your industry you can play with colorful shoes at work and keep the rest of the outfit simple and clean looking.
  5. A well-cut sheath dress with a statement necklace will always be a classic and never feel overly stuffy.