Over the years, I have tried as much as I can to ensure that I do not discuss anything relating to beauty as I am a not a beauty expert but a personal stylist. However, what I am about to share today is the experience I had with a new product I decided to try out.This product is what is lightening my world at the moment and I hope it would not be too insane to say I am totally in love with it.

I cherish my skin a lot which is why I make sure the type of cream I use is one that has been adjudged the best in the market. However, after trying over a dozens and dozens of creams, I was still looking for that cream that would help me maintain my skin beauty. This does not mean the previous creams were bad but they were not good enough for me to remain loyal to that brand.

As a person, I have a normal, t-zone, occasional breakout, highly sensitive and never happy skin surface that reacts to a lot of products negatively. However, after trying the newly improved Christian Dior Capture Totale, all that became a thing of the past as my skin has now experienced an astounding transformation. The Christian Dior Capture Totale is buttery, silly and it left my skin feeling brighter and refreshed. It did not feel heavy at all.

Though the cream is quite expensive going by the market price, I have never been so excited to spend my money on a product because it is totally worth every dollar paid. I am even confident to tell you that it is a cost effective product because you do not apply much on your skin before you begin to feel its effectiveness. This means that you can use it for months.

The Christian Dior Capture Total Multi-Perfect cream is produced with the best fragrances which gives it a warm and delightful scent. If you are looking to buy a cream that would help, detoxify, rejuvenate, and refurbish your skin, then I am happy to recommend the Dior Capture Multi-Perfect Cream.