Many are terrified of the word “The Makeover “. It’s almost like admitting your worst shortcomings to the entire World. “Here I am, I need help in all of this fashion stuff that I am not good at. To me, a Makeover Specialist, this is by no means the shortcoming, on the contrary, it is very admirable that someone is gutsy enough to admit that they could use a bit of help in the Style and Grooming Department.


We all have our strengths and weaknesses. And if Stye isn’t one of your talents then leave it to the professionals. Admit it, you always wanted to look stylish, elegant, and a bit sexy? Sooner or later it becomes so clear that having The Right Image projects confidence, trustworthiness, ambitions and finally when you show that you care about yourself, you are capable of caring for others. Having the Right Image opens the doors to Opportunities and who does not like Opportunities?


What does a client say during a makeover consultation: “I want to learn how to make the best of me, play up my strengths, and play down my weaknesses. “And make me look better, make me feel good about me.”

How can Julia help?

Julia will help you put together an image, or series of looks that convey the messages that are important to you: Success, status, personality, character, style, or a combination of all. Whether you like it or not people formulate opinions about you in the first 10 seconds. Julia will help you to align your inner image with your outer image that the world actually sees. A team of trusted specialists on hand will complete this journey: Hairstylist, personal trainers, estheticians, nutritionists, and of course a good tailor.