More and more women prefer to shop online! Let’s be frank, how can we possibly resist looking at all those beautifully presented clothes that are already styled according to what goes with what and for the right occasion? Categorized shopping like: destination wedding, power dress for work, and the denim shop are easy to understand. The guesswork is taken out of the equation. All we have to do is browse, choose, pay and check out. The whole experience beats going from shop to shop in the hope of finding what you are looking for.  Just like many women I also prefer to shop online if I know exactly what I’m looking for. Here is my list of preferred online retailers that I often browse through with my morning coffee. – It’s a sister company of Clothes that sell here are often at a deep discount, but may be last season. Look for timeless pieces/wardrobe staples. – The flagship store is in London but why fly all the way there if you can shop online? This retailer often carries hot new designers as well as the trusted ones we all know. – Another great online-only retailer that recently acquired They often have amazing deals on my favorite designers. Sometimes the savings can be better than shopping at the Club21 mega sale in Singapore, but sizes may be limited.