I recently had a pleasure in conducting Corporate Image Training for one of my favorite companies-Procter and Gamble or also known as P&G. Having a few weeks to prepare I carefully selected modules that would appeal to an audience of different ages and gender.













I knew for a fact that one of my modules on Color Analysis would be a major hit with women but would it be a hit in a room filled just with men?  In this module on Color, I conduct a test with different fabric swatches and determine which colors work best for the person considering their unique complexion, hair color, eyes and undertone of their skin. Taking all of this information  into consideration I choose a color season that works best for that particular person. The revelations during this exercise are astonishing. Ladies who thought they looked great in bright colors suddenly realize that it’s not the case and they see how their eyes brighten up when they wear muted or deep colors.













During my workshop I explain how the contrast  of colors in the outfit can either enhance your look or totally lessen the overall “Wow” factor. It’s all in the subtle nuances and important to know when you create a palette of colors that make your look fresh, energetic, healthy, younger and more alert.

Why is it important to know what colors work best for you?

  • Discovering your best colours will actually save you time and money when shopping!!
  • You will appear more influential during meetings
  • Make you look healthier and more vibrant
  • Your self confidence will soar
  • Show you how to coordinate your clothes