After moving back to Singapore as a single professional I realized it was time to revamp my wardrobe and that I would need the help of a professional. To this end I engaged the services of Julia, she was fantastic from the first point of contact. After a short meeting she quickly assessed a suitable style I should target and offered advice on how to best use the clothes I had. From here we hit the shops to find items to supplement and update my existing wardrobe. I was very impressed how well connected Julia was to the staff at the various stores and knew exactly which clothes, belts, shoes etc would compliment each other. This lead to a very pleasurable and timely shopping experience which is not typical when I shop alone. Julia worked well within the budget we discussed and made the whole experience a lot of fun. As they say “the proof is in the pudding” while on a date last night my new friend complimented several times on the shirt I wore which was definitely one of Julia’s selections. I would have no hesitation recommending Julia’s service and expect I will be using them again sometime soon.
Glenn, Australia
I just completed a shopping trip for my fiance with Julia. Normally, I dislike shopping. Not only did Julia help select possible gifts that she knew my fiance would both look good in and love, Julia also made the outing enjoyable. The great thing about Julia is the way she consults but lets you make the final decision. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for gifts for their partners or even someone looking to refresh their own wardrobe.
Tobias, Canada
The Ukraine-born professional brings with her a very unique global experience to the local Singapore scene. Her exposure to New York and California, amongst other dynamic places gives her a perspective that few others can offer.

I was impressed by how well connected Julia is both globally and locally across various genres. Given how impatient I am with my own shopping, I was in desperate need of a professional who could quickly bring me up to speed.
Even prior to our first meeting, Julia was quick to respond to my e-mails, texts, and phone calls despite her busy travel and work schedules. On our first shopping expedition, she assessed my style and invited me to brands I would have never ventured to myself. She brought a very different perspective and quickly pushed me to greater heights while delivering a customized upgrade to meet my needs. There is a fine line between being stylish and being outlandish. And, one must know how to dress to their personality. It’s more an art than a science. And, anyone in my shoes who can’t seem to figure it out on their own is going to need Julia to sort them out.

Yes – Julia Blank is my “HITCH” and I look forward to the transformation she brings out in me.

Vinod, Singapore
I have been following Julia’s tips with my work wardrobe and it’s been working out really great. I started getting many complements. Julia really had an impact on me. She made me make a bit more effort and dress to flatter my shape.
Dharshi, London
Dear Julia:
Thank you for helping us to get our fashion together for the show last week, and thank you for helping me with my closet. You have helped me to give myself a little extra time and thought when I get dressed. I think it shows. Friends have already been commenting on my clothes. Because of that, I have had a fabulous week.
Also, we really appreciate the consultation you have given to Grace and you lending her your bracelet. We look forward to setting up a shopping session soon.
Julie and Grace
Julie and Grace

Dear Julia,
Working with Julia was a transformational experience: out with the good, bad and ugly attire—and in with the excellent: styles, colors and looks that worked for my age, build, skin tone and desired image. Just wish I had called Julia years ago!’

Brent, Singapore

After my own amazing transformation with Julia I shared my story with friends and colleagues. I was constantly asked where I bought my clothes and who taught me how to create “looks” I had to spill the beans – it was Julia !

Sarah, France

Julia has enabled me to see the way I present myself physically and behaviorally from a completely new perspective. It is not just her knowledge but the way she draws the feelings associated with the “evolved version of me” out through contextual and scenario based explanations. She is at ease and that puts my at ease, and that helps the whole process. Worthy self investment.

Munkh, Singapore