Remember the days back in school when you counted the minutes for the bell to ring? That Bell was the sound of summer, freedom and the start of your summer holidays. I am no longer a student but a Mom of two boys but just like them I simply love the anticipation of summer holidays.
On June 5th, we caught an early flight to London. Even though it’s not a quick flight, it always seems to go faster when we fly with Singapore Airlines. It must be their excellent entertainment system and Hagen Dazs Ice cream in between movies. Arriving in London tired and jet lagged we were happy to get the keys to what would be our place for the next four nights. A lovely townhouse in St. John’s Wood not far from the famous Abbey Lane where Beetles recorded their album. Being so close to the famous Regent Park I took more than one trip to see the gardens and smell the roses. You just don’t get the store bought ones to smell like that.
Next stop on our two week holiday was Sorrento, Italy and probably the most beautiful place I have ever visited. What made this place so unique? Amazing yet simple Italian food, warm and friendly people and clear Mediterranean water, isn’t it enough? Our lovely hotel Bellevue had a breathtaking view onto the Mediterranean ocean, a million dollar view that will stay with me forever.
Traveling to different cities and climates presents a small challenge in packing. What looks appropriate in London does not in Italy. London fashion is similar to LA; it’s all about cool comfort and less color. Italy is the opposite; people dress to impress in beautiful vibrant colors that accent the surroundings despite their comfort. My favorite Dolce Gabbana dresses felt very at home here. I never felt like I looked overdressed in them.
When packing for my clients I often suggest inspiration boards that give them ideas of how people dress in a place they are going. Milan vs. New York is vastly different in styles so is London vs. Paris. Do you homework prior to packing to avoid looking like a lost tourist.