Do you shy away from shopping because nothing fits over your Big Boobs?  You often get depressed looking at beautiful garments knowing in advance that nothing will fit properly anyway? Many women would be envious of your assets but truth to be told is that as much as large breasts are great to look at they can be difficult to shop for. As a personal stylist I often work with women who have body concerns. Let’s be honest I am yet to meet a woman who said I love everything about my body. All of us have something that they would rather not accentuate. And while I all in favor of making the most of your assets, you need to be careful not to look top heavy or tarty.

1. As much as you might want to cover up your boobs in loose fabric or high necklines, it’s a mistake. It will only make the area look larger because the eye has nowhere to travel except the big block of body wrapped in a fabric. Choose a dress with a modest neckline, like a V or crew neck. A low, (but not too low) and wide necklines break up the chest and prevents your boobs from looking like they are the extension of your chin.

2. Stay away from ruffles and beading, sparkles or other detail that draw attention to your bust. Instead, opt for a dress with an interesting waist accent or hemline detail that causes the eye to move away from the area you want to de-emphasize. My most favorite dress for girls who struggle dressing with this concern is the wrap dress. I would definitely recommend visiting Dianne Von Furstenberg for her iconic wrap dress. Don’t be tempted to buy this dress from other less expensive brands, it simply does not do the job.

3. The other concern is when you do find garments that fit over your boobs they are too loose around your waist. Am I right?  If you haven’t already done so do befriend a great tailor. I use a shop in Lucky Plaza called Gee’s Creations. I normally don’t recommend my clients making new clothes as it can be quite expensive and the result may be disappointing. Instead buy off the shelf and alter.

4. Avoid halterneck dresses because it’s hard to wear a bra with those, which means boobs will creep out from the sides. Your ideal dresses are: sweetheart neckline, empire line and three-quarter length sleeves. Why: because it will make you look elegant by elongating your neck rather than bunching boobs up to your chin.
When shopping,

Look for: semi-fitted styles, darted tops, V-necks, sweet-heart cuts, and single breasted jackets.
Avoid: Horizontal stripes, ruffles, ruching and thin spaghetti straps on dresses.
Ladies I hope you found this article helpful. Sorry guys, I promise there are fashion tips coming for you soon.
Where to shop: DVF, Massimo Dutti, Coast, The Dots, www.