Yet again my husband twisted my arm and made me go to the Maldives. Argh! Just kidding, anyone who has an opportunity to visit Maldives is lucky. Here the waters are shimmering and clear, reefs are colorful and full of life, and accommodations are superb.
Kunahura resort is only a short 40 min sea-plane ride away from Male-the capital of Maldives. Flying over the beautiful atolls submerged in turquoise water is simply breathtaking. Our pilots unlike normal pilots did not have their shoes on. As a matter of fact, most resorts take your shoes away when you arrive. It’s a great feeling not having to worry about matching your shoes with your outfit. The only thing I did worry about is what color to paint my toes , bare is in so that’s what I chose.
When it comes to sunblock, I am picky. My favorite sunblock at the moment is by Kerstin Florian, it smells divine with a hint of jasmine. It’s lightweight texture that did not make me feel like I was wearing anything on my skin.
In my suitcase you will find: a few long flowy maxi dresses that I wear in the evening. A pair of shorts with versatile tops that I don’t mind getting wet. A few sexy beach accessories that can be mixed and matched with all of my clothes. A cool straw hat and a silk Pucci pareo. If you read my blogs you might have noticed that I have a special relationship with a few designers. Pucci is one of them.
Wishing you all a wonderful Summer. Look out for my next blog on London and other places.