As a parent do you often neglect what your kids wear? With the understanding that image does matter and helps us achieve our dreams, we need to instill a sense of style in our children as early as possible in childhood.  It’s not something you can fix in a short period of time or by reading glossy magazines on a long haul flight.

I have countless cases of clients who all say the same thing…. “ I wish my mother inspired me to dress better when I was little,…. I wish I had a clue”. Children, and I mean both boys and girls should be nurtured to appreciate style as early as possible. For instance, just because you have a son does not mean he can’t develop a sense of style and appreciation for beautiful things in life. Don’t make the mistake of saying that he’s a boy so he won’t be interested in “that kind of stuff”. That “stuff” will set him apart from others and will help instill a sense of confidence as he gets older and matures into adulthood.

As parents our first concern is education and the general well-being of our children. It is also important to lead by example, and so how you put yourself together, how you choose the right colors that flatter you, and how you match the right shoes etc., is in fact all part of nurturing the development of your children. All these small nuances that seem so unimportant right now will soon come in handy.

I have children, two boys as a matter of fact. I know their interests are in sports and computer games, quite different from what I do as a Stylist. But, I still involve them in what I do in enhancing people’s lives. I like to bring them out with me on short shopping trips and get them interested. Here is a short list of things we do together, that you can try too:

–          I often ask my sons to rate my outfit and provide feedback. You like it, and if so why? You don’t like it, why? Oftentimes children can be brutally honest, and amusing at the same time!

–          Ask them to find a top that matches your jeans from your wardrobe. Be sure to complement them on their selection, and that you value their input;

–          During short shopping trips I come up with games, for example “find something in red with the buttons”.

All these short and easy to do exercises get your kids involved and interested. It may also help them gain an appreciation for style and develop confidence in themselves, which to me is the formula for success.