It’s probably the most happening weekend in Singapore after Chinese New Year. Personally I love the vibe and all the traffic that this event brings. There are tons of tourists who come from all over the world to help Singapore alredy flourishing economy.
So what does a typical F1 weekend is like? Busy, loads of traffic, streets closures, parties to cater to every budget (mostly high budget) and of course exhilarating noise from the cars racing at 200 miles per hour.
As for me Friday night I will be taking my two boys (5 and 10) to see the practice race from the suite on Swiss hotel. It’s on 22nd floor and it’s probably one of the best ways to see the cars. It will be chilled, with drinks and pizzas to keep the crowd happy for 1 1/2 hours of the race.
Saturday night will be at Podium Lounge, Ritz Carlton Hotel. My husband and I along with 4 other friends will share a table by the pool where we can enjoy a glass or two of champagne and chill with the cool crowd who just came back from the race or the concert.
Sunday night will be at friend’s penthouse. Although they aren’t on the race track but we can still enjoy the race from the huge projector and mingle with new people.
So what would a girl wear to F1? The trick is to look comfortable yet stylish at the same time.
Here is my pick….F1