Are you spending valuable time in the morning in search of the right outfit? Perhaps you have tons of stuff already yet it seems like you have still nothing to wear? If so you need a Personal Stylist who can come to your home and together you can weed out clothes that is too large or too small, wrong cut or simply unflattering on you. What’s left will be put into outfits and with a few accessories you will have a complete look that is not only going to save you time but also going to reveal your best assets.


My goal as a stylist is to help you look your best. Sometimes that involves convincing you that not every style is going to look good on you. Just because something is in style does not mean you should wear it. Dressing well isn’t about following the latest trend or spending a lot on your clothes. It’s all about knowing what works for you and what colors make you look young and fresh. Consult me to find your figure type and learn how to select designs, cuts, fabrics and prints for your body silhouette and shape. Learn how to enhance your best assets and camouflage your body image issues with the right clothes, hairstyle, jewelry and accessories. Discover which dressing style best represents your identity and individuality.

Charge $225


Many people underestimate the power of color! As a seasoned color consultant  I recognize that colors come in all varieties and understand how to unleash this power. There is no such thing as just one red — it could be bright, light, dark, muted, toasted, tinted, warm, or cool — whew!!!. Your most flattering colors will make you sparkle and glow — I hear this time and time again from clients who receive countless compliments once they start wearing colors from their personalized palette.



We begin by examining your existing wardrobe to learn where you have not chosen wisely in the past before you purchase any new garments. We will start by identifying all the garments and accessories you thought you liked but rarely walk out the front door in. It’s not as simple as it sounds, there is actually a whole science behind how to dress for your body type. I will come over to your house and together we will weed out garments that are wasting space in your closet. Out will go the clothes that are too big, worn to shreds, wrong cut or color. What’s left will be put together into outfits with the right shoes and accessories. That’s when I hear from my clients ” Gosh, I would have never put it myself together like that..” Now we are ready to fill in the gaps in your closet. Whether it’s a classic shoe or pin striped suit for work or that bag that can almost go with anything. Don’t give up, it’s time for personal shopping.

Charges $225 per hour (2 hr min)



My goal is to find clothes that will make you feel beautiful, confident and a little sexy. We begin with a brief interview to determine your needs, lifestyle and your budget. After that, I will analyze your body type and we will talk about things that you like and dislike about your body, and what style suits you. Then, we will go on a shopping spree, where I will demonstrate how the right cut and fabric can conceal the flaws and reveal the assets of your body.

Dressing well isn”t about following the latest trend or spending a lot on your clothes. It”s all about knowing what works for you and what colors make you look young and fresh.

Charges $225 per hour (3 hrs min)



Going to an event or simply want to look much better than usual?
Applying makeup correctly is a skill, if you are struggling to do it yourself it would be worthwhile to have a professional do it for you.
The right makeup and technique can make you look younger and more attractive. I don’t just simply do makeup I explain to my clients why I use certain products and teach them how to do makeup in a way that will enhance their natural beauty.

Charges $200 for a 1 hr class