Don’t dress for the job you have, Dress for the job you want to have.

My goal is simple – to make shopping fun and effective so you can look fantastic!
Whether you want to know more about the latest trends, have a few outfits selected for the hot Singapore climate or simply don’t have the time or patience to shop, I can help! My experience and easy going personality will help you no matter what your needs, goals, age, size or budget. If you were to spend time and money on shopping then you need an expert to make sure you only buy the pieces that flatter you.
In today’s economy—when employers have more hiring options than ever—looking good is not just an option. From the hiring process to office politics to promotions and entrepreneurial endeavors, looking good is no longer vain or frivolous: It’s critical to your success. Because your image is your resume.
So why do you need to have a an image consultant? Because it simply saves time and money when you do it with the professional who understands your needs.


A thorough consultation is crucial for me to figure out your lifestyle, goals. budget and personality. Only then I can recommend the right service to my client. We start this makeover by discovering the essence of who you are. Portraying a true image of ourselves is the surest way to stepping out with confidence.


Once we are armed with all the information we need, we overhaul your wardrobe, discover outfits in your wardrobe that work with your image, complexion and body shape. You will be surprised by how many great outfits we can discover.I will come to your residence and together we will weed out clothes that’s too big, too small, wrong cut or color.


Julia with her international exposure and professional training in image consultation will make your shopping experience more convenient, time saving and customized to your personal needs.
Every client is different and have different needs, roles and goals, hence it becomes extremely interesting to meet new people and find their interests and know what will flatter them the most.
The personal shopper service is based on understanding your specific wardrobe requirement, occasion, lifestyle, budget, time and styles, color & fits that help flatter your body. I can provide fresh ideas and keep your closet of new pieces and great accessories. Special care and attention are taken regarding your body type, complexion, age, lifestyle, profession, and personal style.
Julia will suggest a list of shops that will suit your style and budget. Together you will shop for clothes that is appropriate, modern and stylish.



Grooming is a vital part of any makeover. I strongly suggest you do not skip this step or you might run the risk of looking like a brand new car with the old tires.