I had a great time at a coffee and shopping morning that was organized by Expat Living magazine.  Although I should be quite accustomed to working the crowd and speaking publicly, I must admit I still get quite nervous. And every time is like a first time.  The theme of this gathering was what to wear to different festivities in Singapore.  Many of my clients often ask what to wear to Chinese New Year, Deepavali or other holidays. This event was perfect as ladies learned, shopped, and accessorized under one fabulous roof – Avana Boutique, with the help of some of my favorite jewelry retailers – Pinwheel Jewels and Joan Jewelry. I was very pleased with the selection of different styles and sizes that Avana offer. We all know how frustrating it can be when you find the dress you love, just to be disappointed by a salesperson saying “sorry we don’t carry your size”.

Sam was a lovely volunteer for a quick makeover demonstration. I showed her that the right shape and color of dress can make or break a look.  Sam’s coloring is “light and warm”, as she has light eyes and blonde hair. I suggested colors with warm or yellow undertones for her, avoiding icy shades and colors with a strong blue undertone. I further suggested she wear light and subtle makeup, as it will not overpower her delicate warm complexion. I also showed how to dress up or down a dress with the right accessories.  Less is not always more! I like to experiment with big gold bangles and big earrings, but for these to work the dress should be very simple.  If you think you have too much going on with your outfit do a simple test. Count the points of interest……nail polish -1, earrings-1, ring-1, necklace-1, makeup- 2, and so forth. Make sure you don’t have more than eight points!

Thanks once again to everyone who attended and Avana for hosting the event.