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Shopping for Top-heavy girls

Do you shy away from shopping because nothing fits over your Big Boobs?  You often get depressed looking at beautiful garments knowing in advance that nothing will fit properly anyway? Many women would be envious of your assets but truth to be told is that as much as large breasts are great to look at they can be difficult to shop for. As a personal stylist I often work with women who have body concerns. Let’s be honest I am yet to meet a woman who said I love everything about my body. All of us have something that they would rather not accentuate. And while I all in favor of making the most of your assets, you need to be careful not to look top heavy or tarty.

1. As much as you might want to cover up your boobs in loose fabric or high necklines, it’s a mistake. It will only make the area look larger because the eye has nowhere to travel except the big block of body wrapped in a fabric. Choose a dress with a modest neckline, like a V or crew neck. A low, (but not too low) and wide necklines break up the chest and prevents your boobs from looking like they are the extension of your chin.

2. Stay away from ruffles and beading, sparkles or other detail that draw attention to your bust. Instead, opt for a dress with an interesting waist accent or hemline detail that causes the eye to move away from the area you want to de-emphasize. My most favorite dress for girls who struggle dressing with this concern is the wrap dress. I would definitely recommend visiting Dianne Von Furstenberg for her iconic wrap dress. Don’t be tempted to buy this dress from other less expensive brands, it simply does not do the job.

3. The other concern is when you do find garments that fit over your boobs they are too loose around your waist. Am I right?  If you haven’t already done so do befriend a great tailor. I use a shop in Lucky Plaza called Gee’s Creations. I normally don’t recommend my clients making new clothes as it can be quite expensive and the result may be disappointing. Instead buy off the shelf and alter.

4. Avoid halterneck dresses because it’s hard to wear a bra with those, which means boobs will creep out from the sides. Your ideal dresses are: sweetheart neckline, empire line and three-quarter length sleeves. Why: because it will make you look elegant by elongating your neck rather than bunching boobs up to your chin.
When shopping,

Look for: semi-fitted styles, darted tops, V-necks, sweet-heart cuts, and single breasted jackets.
Avoid: Horizontal stripes, ruffles, ruching and thin spaghetti straps on dresses.
Ladies I hope you found this article helpful. Sorry guys, I promise there are fashion tips coming for you soon.
Where to shop: DVF, Massimo Dutti, Coast, The Dots, www. bravissimo.com

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How to Shop Sales in Singapore

If you’ve spent any time in Singapore then you’ve probably heard about the Great Singapore Sale. In short, it’s a window between the last week of May and the last week of July when most stores offer 30-50 percent off.
Working as a personal stylist in Singapore for almost 7 years I have learned the ins and outs of this intricate business and I am here to help you navigate sales better in order to keep your sanity and save you money.  Here’s my top five picks:

  • Club 21. This is a collection of famous designers including Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Marni, Moschino, Paul Smith, and many others – the list goes on and on. Join their loyalty program in any of their stores. This little card will save you money every time you shop and will notify you when pre-sales begin. It’s important to go during pre-sales as most stylish items sell out really fast. Club 21 stores usually go on sale during first week of June. Personally I save my money and wait for their mega sale that takes place in August/September. It’s called the Club 21 Bazaar Sale and I promise you it’s worth the long queue and wait to get in. Men’s, women’s and children’s’ wear will be marked down by as much as 60-80 percent.
  • Jimmy Choo. This brand does not need special introduction – sexy, comfortable heels at a hefty price tag!  Jimmy Choo is usually amongst the first to go on sale. May 23 is their first day with 30 percent mark downs, but only the cruise collection will be on sale. Do go early as they may have limited stock due to popular demand. Stores in Paragon and MBS.
  • Raoul. A unique collection of trendy women’s pieces for anyone who wants to be seen as stylish and fun. It has already started a 40 percent sale on most items. What’s even more appealing is that they provide great customer service. Classic bags and shoes may not be on sale. In Paragon.
  • The Metro. This is a not a train but a big department store with 4 locations in Singapore. Join their loyalty program when you spend $300 within 3 months. This department store runs sales and promotions through the year.
  • Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF). This designer has built a great reputation on beautifully made wrap dresses that make any woman look gorgeous. I often bring my clients here to find that special occasion dress or casual chic clothes that are so hard to find anywhere else. Their loyalty card will get you an extra 10 percent off, as well as an invitation to VIP pre-sales. The DVF sale started on May 19th and will offer savings of up to 30-40 percent. Stores in ION and Takashimaya.

Happy Shopping and do share you sales secrets with me.

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Tips on How to Pack for Summer Holidays

WAWAith summer holidays almost upon us many of you started the countdown till the last day of school and the first day of holidays. The flights are booked and hotels are sorted the only thing left to do it think about what would you bring to your holiday in the Mediterranean.

Looking good on holidays is important and the key to that is knowing how to pack well.  Even thought you might start packing 24 hours or less before the flight, it’s still important to not overpack or underpack.  Hopefully at this point you are nodding your head in agreement.

As a stylist I worked out a simple system that saves women anxiety during packing.

Create a capsule, which is a group of clothes that mix and match and can be bought together to save you time and money. For best results capsules should be established around one or two key pieces. In our case I chose a denim jacket that can be worn with matching skirts or pants to form a variety of outfits.

Choose your shoes first and build your capsule around them. I would suggest two pairs of sandals with embellishments, one pair of wedges or espadrilles and two pairs of comfortable walking shoes. My old time favorite is Converse, they simply go with everything except evening dresses.

Have your heard of LWD? A little white dress, it’s an absolute must. The white dress will take your from drinks by the pool to dinner out.  Leave your sandals and slip into heels with a denim jacket and beautiful accessories such as colorful scarf and shiny jewels and you are ready to dine in style. Another one of my most recommended dresses is a Maxi dress (shown on the photo), this dress looks great on any body shape and is easy to look either relaxed or glamorous in depending on the shoes you pair is with.

Accessories are your go to item to bring any boring outfit alive, especially on holidays. Don’t underestimate the power of the right necklace, ring or earrings. When putting together a look pay attention to the quality and craftsmanship of accessories. Make sure that the quality such as leather and metals are compatible with your overall look.  For example, a sporty leather belt to wear with jeans will have a different look to if you wear those jeans with refined animal skin belt. The belt you use will create the story you are telling.

Europeans love to dress up, it’s a national sport. To avoid looking like a tourist consider packing two outfits per day and bring a foldable duffel bag for all that extra shopping. Enjoy your holidays!


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What would you like for Christmas?

We girls are faced with the same question every year…… What is it that I really want for Christmas? Some dream of exotic holidays whereas others hope that Santa will bring fine jewelry. Other than health and happiness my wish for this year is simple – all I want is lots and lots of costume jewelry!!
Working as a personal stylist my objective is to transform women in a matter of hours. And only now I realize that no transformation is really complete without that extra little touch that you can achieve by introducing jewelry to the outfit.

Fine jewelry is great, and there are some that will never wear anything other than gold and diamonds.  There is nothing wrong with that, and truth be told we all like a bit of bling-bling when paired with the right outfit. More recently however, I find myself pairing outfits with less expensive alternatives such as rubber, plastic, ceramic, silver and gold-plated pieces.  If done right the outfit will never look short on style or cheap.
I give advice to women on how to shop strategically i.e. how to buy things that complement what they already have in their closet. In most cases this means focusing on buying a few quality pieces, but I have to admit when it comes to costume jewelry I wish I could buy it all.

Here are some of my recommendations:

Inexpensive: Accessorize, Topshop, Bershka, J. Crew.
Mid-range:  Kenneth Jay Lane, Tom Binns, Lulu Frost.
Expensive: Dolce Gabbana, Lanvin, Marni, YSL.
In Singapore I shop for accessories www.shophannalee.com,
www.pinwheeljewels.com , Club 21, and Forever New.



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What to wear for NYE

white-outfit-by-meNew Year’s Eve is the best excuse to dress up. It’s time to put a little more effort and get creative with your look.
Whatever age you are there are lots of ideas to spruce up your look this season.
Here are few ideas from Julia Blank, a pesonal stylist to help you along.

1. Follow a theme. I chose Great Gatsby’s inspired look for NYE.This festive seasons lots of shops offer 1920’s-30’s style clothes and accessories.
Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, Accessories, Zara to Bershka to name a few.
You can put this outfit together for less than $300 at Forever New, Wistma Atria.white-outfit-by-me

2. Dig out your trusted white or black suit and jazz it up with gold or silver accessories.
For instance, wear all white suit with sequenced gold top. Let the same gold element repeat in your shoes, earrings and clutch.  (see photo)

3. Do mix Lace and silk and let those feminine flourishes dominate your look. Chose cuts that flatter your body.

white-outfit-by-me4. No matter what you wear, do wear it with poise. Nothing ruins the look faster than a woman walking in a room with slouched shoulders, swinging her arms like a soldier.


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How to Look like a Million Dollars

My recent workshop at The American Club, “How to Look Like a Million Dollars” proved to be a great success – a special thank you to those who made it such an interactive session!!

A key theme that we discussed was the importance of dressing to suit your body type. If you get this wrong then you’ll never look your best, period. Participants were mainly from the US and UK and were refreshingly open to expressing their views and asking questions about how to accurately determine body type and shop accordingly. We had a fun time, relating the theme to personal experiences – it seems like an obvious thing but believe me even I was wrong about my own body until I measured myself. I think today, most fashion books and magazine articles fail to distinguish the differences in body types when it comes to giving fashion advice. They typically list suggested things to wear in order to look taller and slimmer and as we agreed in class this is often vague and of little real value.

After ladies recorded their measurements and identified their body types it was easy to narrow down fashion faux pas that can be avoided. Armed with this knowledge you can dress yourself to appear more symmetrical. As humans we are attracted to balance – symmetry. And the good news? You can fake symmetry!
We had a lot of fun and I’m eager to run another small session, so please sign up for my upcoming workshop so you too can look like a Million Dollars!!!!


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Decoding dress Codes in Singapore

I had a great time at a coffee and shopping morning that was organized by Expat Living magazine.  Although I should be quite accustomed to working the crowd and speaking publicly, I must admit I still get quite nervous. And every time is like a first time.  The theme of this gathering was what to wear to different festivities in Singapore.  Many of my clients often ask what to wear to Chinese New Year, Deepavali or other holidays. This event was perfect as ladies learned, shopped, and accessorized under one fabulous roof – Avana Boutique, with the help of some of my favorite jewelry retailers – Pinwheel Jewels and Joan Jewelry. I was very pleased with the selection of different styles and sizes that Avana offer. We all know how frustrating it can be when you find the dress you love, just to be disappointed by a salesperson saying “sorry we don’t carry your size”.

Sam was a lovely volunteer for a quick makeover demonstration. I showed her that the right shape and color of dress can make or break a look.  Sam’s coloring is “light and warm”, as she has light eyes and blonde hair. I suggested colors with warm or yellow undertones for her, avoiding icy shades and colors with a strong blue undertone. I further suggested she wear light and subtle makeup, as it will not overpower her delicate warm complexion. I also showed how to dress up or down a dress with the right accessories.  Less is not always more! I like to experiment with big gold bangles and big earrings, but for these to work the dress should be very simple.  If you think you have too much going on with your outfit do a simple test. Count the points of interest……nail polish -1, earrings-1, ring-1, necklace-1, makeup- 2, and so forth. Make sure you don’t have more than eight points!

Thanks once again to everyone who attended and Avana for hosting the event.




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Formula 1 Singapore 2013

[drop_cap]I[/drop_cap]t’s probably the most happening weekend in Singapore after Chinese New Year. Personally I love the vibe and all the traffic that this event brings. There are tons of tourists who come from all over the world to help Singapore’s already flourishing economy.
So what is a typical F1 weekend  like? Its very busy, loads of traffic, street closures, parties to cater to every budget (mostly high budget) and of course exhilarating noise from the cars racing at 200 miles per hour.
As for me Friday night I will be taking my two boys ages 5 and 10 to see the practice race from the suite on Swiss hotel. It’s on 22nd floor and it’s probably one of the best ways to see the action. It will be chilled, with drinks and pizzas to keep the crowd happy for 1 1/2 hours of the race.
Saturday night will be at Podium Lounge, Ritz Carlton Hotel. My husband and I along with 4 other friends will share a table by the pool where we can enjoy a glass or two of champagne and chill with the cool crowd who just came back from the race or the concert to continue partying.
Sunday night will be at friend’s penthouse. Although they aren’t on the race track but we can still enjoy the race from the huge projector and mingle with new people.
So what would a girl wear to F1? The trick is to look comfortable yet stylish at the same time.
Here is my pick…F1
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