Image Consultant, Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Organisation in Singapore2021-06-09T23:16:23+08:00

You get one chance to make a good impression. Your appearance, makeup, hair and clothes are as important as your personality. When you project an image of confidence, you are more likely to succeed in business and social relationships. Personal stylist or image consultant will help you elevate your personal and professional presence through: appearance, etiquette and behavioral skills.Whether you are changing jobs, recently divorced, single, or in need of general self image improvement, consultation with Julia will give you the confidence you need.

Julia takes her male clients through a process of lifestyle evaluation, identifying the roles and goals and then suggesting levels of dressing in different situations to create a communication necessary in terms of authority, stability, trustworthiness approachability, etc. Whether you are a business executive or or a college graduate image consultant will save your time and money by teaching you how to shop efficiently and effectively.When your makeover  with Julia is complete you’ll leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and completely renewed.

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Do your employees project the right image? Branding is vital for the success of any business, no matter how big or small. Your employees are the face of your company.  What sort of image does your client get at first contact with your employee? Hire Julia who is a skilled image consultant to speak about Personal and Professional Branding in your company. Empower your staff with the know-how of representing your brand in the best possible light.